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Literacy Campaign
Literacy campaign is one of our activities through continue the centre is to impart literacy to the rural illiterate women and another aim is to help them to take correct decision in the village development programme mainly attachment of National issues on National Integration. In this way they find the opportunity for discussing the problems and coming to close to each other and thus trained them to build up leadership among them. Through our SHG members we runs the literacy centers where the women became aware about the idea and proper way how to overcome the situation and they are trying to fight against exploitation individuals or a groups.

Our SHG Activities under NABARD
Our activities for women’s economic development through self help groups for self-reliance of the indigenous women artisan to improve their status of life. Our SHG is running under our organization with covering the three states in our country. Total groups of our SHG 246 Nos. with micro banking system engaged in different income generation activities for uplifting their own social & economic status through different need based activities. The group members expressed their interest through learning process for marketing techniques while attending training program, workshop on buyers & sellers and bankers they meet and also visit for different places for better development of their product. It duly noted that without support and proper guidance of NABARD specially continuous advice of Mr. S. S. Saha, AGM, DDM, NABARD, Paschim Medinipur. It was not possible for our group- members to reach the target. The marketing system taught them the importance of having a diverse range of quality products, how to identify the potential customer’s choices and requirement how to calculate prices, they participated different fare and exhibition and met different businessman related their products in Kolkata, Bhubaneswer, Baripada, Dhanbad, Ranchi, Bokaro, and Asansole etc. All-out efforts were made to mobilize the local available resources. The groups are running in different places as follows with different activities.d

1. Care and protection of the Child:
A. Right to education:
Pre – Primary school along with literacy centre in remote tribal villages covered by the dense of forest for drop out children, those are comes from indigenous community. At present no of student is 237 all are from backward communities area of literacy centre is in the remote village in Binpur-II block, Belpahari under Paschim Medinipur district of West Bengal in India.
We expect support from our well wishers, donors, child lovers, sympathizers for the children those are deprived from getting minimum learing process.
We seeking support their teaching materials, food, with nutritional support.

B. Right to Health:
In our remote tribal forested areas there is no health facilities reach their door step, especially in the children. We emphasis for development of child health comes from indigenous communities. Due to poverty the children are suffering different types of health diseases. The Government health service not reaches at all in remote villages. So we like to introduced minimum health facilities for the hapless children those are suffer mal nutrition and essential diseases which prevent for their healthy growth.

C. Empowerment of women:
“SUCHETANA” itself a platform for raising voices of the oppressed rural women those are atrociously tortured due to social injustice. The victimes are neglected due to lack of awareness, ignorance, illiteracy and non cooperation of male dominated sociey. So the “SUCHETANA” shouldering their hands to the suffering women those are suffer owing to violence against women. As a women organization “SUCHETANA” come forward and encourage the victims to raising their voices for protest in different social injustice. In our project areas where we are working in last over two and half decades. There is many poor rural women and adolescent girls kidnapped and forced to trafficking due to poverty and they migrated other areas for ek – out their living for a day.

Our Programmes which run thus:
1. Awareness for prevention of anti trafficking
2. Campaigning among the parents and community for prevention of early marriage
3. Awareness campaign for check the adolescent pregnancy for prevention of child mortality and maternal death which obstacle their physical growth.
4. Upgradation of traditional skill through vocational training with the use of local available resource for their alternative economic opportunity.
5. Care and support for older person those are detached from their sons and daughters and passed their life alone & service to disable in our society, the disable people slowly being pushed into a corner during their twilight years and consider to be a social and financial liability. It is our aim to serve the disable person through occupational training.

Tribal Women’s Farmers Club under NABARD
1. In promotion of sustainable agriculture on dry and farming to use the local available agriculture resource.
2. To use the homestead land with limited water resource which available from well or pond. 
3. To use the organic manure in horticulture, sericulture, vegetables, kitchen garden farming, agro vast agriculture, herbal plantation. 
4. To motivate other women’s groups for to enroll their name for suitable training and other SHG members for implementation above activities. 
5. Support service programme, credit linkage, with bank and linkage other agricultural sector like Govt. and Research Institution.
6. To motivate the community other social support programme like Pulse Polio programme, Relay camp, Health Awareness programme, Social forestry, plantation, animal husbandry training and other suitable vocational for their self-reliant.

Skilled Development Initiative on Jori Work
We have successfully implemented the 45 days training programme on S.D.I. Jori Work on last year at Kankrajhore a remote tribal villages under Binpur - II. Our tribal SHG members and members of the Tribal Women’s Farmer’s Club participated as trainees. The no. of dignitaries of the district visited in different days for encouraging the trainees, like Additional Superintendent of Police (Operation) Jhargram, L.D.M. United Bank of India, A.G.M. (D.D.M.) NABARD, S.D.P.O. Jhargram, Regional Manager U.B.I., Manager K.B.I.V., Local Bankers, and others Govt. Officials.

Road Safety Awareness Programme 2006 - 2007
Like previous years we also organized Administering Road safety Awareness Programme sponsored by Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport and High Ways, Govt. of India with the active collaboration of West Bengal Traffic Police, Paschim Medinipur District and Transport Department. In our Awareness Programme we included the schools boys, girls, road users, teachers, transport workers, aged, as participants. The object of our activities is to sensitize and awareness raising of the people through drama, songs, street play, puppet show, debate competition among the students related to Road Safety for Greater Awareness among the people.

Campaigning Against Child Labour and Pre - School Children Education Programme
We organized the awareness campaign against child labour and motivate the community with special focus on rights to children and their free education. We organized raising awareness campaign to sensitize the community against child labour we vision to 1. Restoration of childhood and going interest for school going habit we implemented the activities for awareness campaign in Jhargram Sub Division among the children those are exploit their childhood for the activities like :- Home Servant, Hotel Boys, Work in tea shops, Rack and paper pickers, from garbage labour from mason and big field. Our aim for this project not only teach them but also trying to mental and physical development. Our back to school programme mainly from drop out children our slogan to the parents and community is to return back school. Our object is to eradicate child labour, free education, Focus for child rights.

Health Care Services along with RCH through Community Participation
Our organization was selected to implement the programme RCH - II with the Assistance of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of West Bengal with the MNGO Probuddha Baharati Shisu Tirtha in the area of Chhurimara and kankrajhore SC under Binpur - II BPHC. We have already started the activities campaigning to improve the health status and physical growth of women and children and door-to-door survey. We have already completed the network linkage and inform to all including Govt. Officials through unfolding meeting in BMOH meeting room at Belpahari BPHC.

Motivational and Awareness Campaign for Sanitation and Safe Drinking Water
We included our activities for raising awareness and motivational activities for sanitation and safe drinking water to aware the people about Basic Health and Hygiene and safe drinking water. The object of our programme is to sensitize the community about increasing knowledge of safe drinking water and utility of proper sanitation facilities for our Basic Health and Hygiene.

Awareness Campaign for Prevention on HIV/Aids
With our limited capacity we initiatives for organizing the campaigning programme against prevention of Aids among the young people adolescent girls, trafficking women and children, track drivers, hotel and dhaba workers, about the risk of HIV/AIDS. Suchetana as a women groups is steel in his formative stage to implementing the programme during the last years among with the single sex groups multiple sexual partners, teenage pregnancy, family planning, young people, adolescents in the area to interaction with them about the change of sexual behaviour. Our target beneficiaries female sex workers, men having sex with men and injectable drug users as the core group and the truck drivers. The objectives of this intervention are to provide care services to the identified core and non-core group and to create a consciousness among the people.

Cultural Regeneration Programme
During the journey of last year we performed different cultural activities to restore the traditional cultural identity of the down trodden and economically wicker oppressed women. We are working out a concept that culture of the oppressed. Many cultural groups in villages have been getting encourage by our village women’s troupes which runs under the guidance of our cultural team lead by the expert. We arranged the cultural workshop, folk songs, for exploring the folk forms, owing to the importance of their tradition leaving, it will be highlights the social problems. We are trying to develop the strong women’s cultural groups and convened a meeting with all cultural groups for interaction and to regain the cultural identity. In the last year our programme on cultural awareness for regeneration of cultural identity of indigenous women groups leaving in the rural community for establish their cultural solidarity. During our last year journey we organize different cultural activities.

Environmental Educational and Awareness Campaign
With the initiative of our SHG members and other network groups we organized different group discussion, group meeting, drama, plantation of trees, to aware the community about the utility of forest in our human life. The object of our programme is to make people aware about the De-forest station. Our target areas are an elite area where the forest are dwindle down to only one half there are wanton of destruction of forest. We aware our women groups those are living in the forest for how to protect the forest from which they earning their daily life.

Gender Issues on Women’s Development
We introduce the gender issues in our all activities, planning and implementation. The object of gender issues is 1. To develop the capacity of women to make decision about their own lips, with respect and dignity. 2. Campaigning the developing skill for planning the activities on gender issues. 3. To aware the women groups for equal participation in organizing all activities.

Awareness Raising Programme Related Women’s Empowerment
Suchetana acts as a forum for oppressed women and children and for SHG members those are active for raising their voices for the victimized women for established their rights through awareness raising programme. To increase women’s active participation in fulfillment of their needs and developmental and poverty eradication programme to enable women to organize themselves and others for strengthen the women rights and participation in decision making in family and society.

Nursery and Agricultural Activities
With a joint venture with the community people we encourage and motivate the people mainly rural women through SHG to involve themselves to start a small nursery and kitchen garden activities in every house adjacent to their home stead land. The main purpose of the project is to encourage the rural women to cultivate vegetables plants useful to their livings and better health. These agriculture activities was implement using the organic manure. We also started the product in agriculture activities and motivate the people to using the vermin composed. The vermin composed already we had started through our SHG in Gopiballavpur with the advise of Block Agricultural Development Officer, 

Programme for Prevention through Education and Behaviour Modification to Combat the Trafficking Women and Children for Commercial Sexual Exploitation in Destination Area of Paschim Medinipur:
With the Assistance of State and Central Govt. we started the above programme in our District and campaigning programme for Prevention through education and behaviour modification to combat the trafficking women and children for commercial sexual exploitation with their rescue. We are trying to raising awareness building of victimized women and children for their behaviour change and help them to return main stream through introduce some alternate economic opportunity among them. Our women activist travel and moving the area and open to dialog with the community and the parents about the reason behind the trafficking. We have already form a network among the police, and members of the bar council and doctors and other Govt. officials. 

Working Women Hostel
With the assistance of Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi we runs the workingwomen hostel at Gopiballavpur, and Jhargram from the period 2006 - 2007. The hostel used by the tribal working women. Total No. of Inmates is 25.

Legal Education and Legal Rights
We organized for awareness raising campaign for women’s legal rights and their legal education with the help of our Legal Advisory Board and District Administration our awareness raising campaigning programme mainly aware the victimized women those are harassed and exploited by the society or by the community. With help of our Legal Advisory Board we met up the cases through counseling and helped them to go back main stream, free of the application cases we refer to the court through our Legal Advisory Board for proper Justice. With the help of the State Women’s Commission and our counselors with patched up the cases through amicable settlement.

Thrift, Credit Linkage, Marketing and Exhibition
All - out efforts were made to mobilized and local resource. To achieve this, our SHG members were trained for marketing and credit linkage. The trained members SHG motivate others about this process their loan from Bank has been being recycled. During the last financial year we arrange a short course training programme for marketing about the finish article and arranged for interaction with the buyers and sellers to open public view of them. This types of activities to uplift the economic status of our women SHG members product and strengthen the rural economic. In the last year our SHG members participated rural mela and exhibition organized by Gopiballavpur - I Panchayet Samity. The product of our SHG women artisan was exhibited in different places under DRDC and Zilla Parisad Mela and Jhargram mela o Juba Utsab.

Our Ambulance Service
We rendered our Health Care Services through Ambulance Service for the benefit of the rural poor people at Chilkigarh Block Primary Health Centre. The Ambulance Service is running with the assistance of KFW and Department of Health and Family Welfare, Indo - Garman Basic Health Project, Govt. of West Bengal, the Ambulance runs under public private partnership. No. Service charge was taken from the poor and needy patients on emergency service. 

Creating self-employment opportunity through vocational Training for Youth & Adolescent with the assistance of FVTRS under Medinipur Forum through Paravetenary Training and Training of usable articles from Babui Grass:

Paravetenary Training
With the Assistance of FVTRS we started our above activities through Medinipur Forum in tribal areas in Gopiballavpur - I under Paschim Medinipur District for training of Youth and Adolescent.

Training of usable articles from Babui Grass
Item Learned: Costal for three types, Water pot, door mat in two types, Low sitting tool, Flower vas, Fine rope making colour and designed.

Income Generating Programme for Sustainable Development
There is felt need to undertake Income Generation Programme in our tribal areas where the most of the women populace are living below poverty line. To enhance their economic condition and status of life of our rural women to be best self-dependent. It is a fact that our rural women are much economically dependent on their male members of their family. So we undertaken the programme with our limited capacity with the empowerment of women. The object of the Income Generating Programmes is to solve the economical problems of our tribal women’s employment or under employment along with single mother by setting up small Income Generating programme for rural untouchable oppressed. It has helped to raising awareness and develops amongst the untouchable rural women living in remote tribal villages. Our women beneficiaries are our targets areas given priority in development of employment oriented trades and crafts. 

Our Initiative for Formation of new SHG to Involve the other women
With the cooperation and assistance of our rural community we already involve other rural women’s to form new SHG for their Income Generating programme and other social movements. We have already enroll their name for Bank linkage in the name of SHG under Suchetana.

Our Services to the Aged and Disabled People
We rendered our services for the care of the aged and disable people those are passing their painful days. We motivate the community people in our several community meeting for specially look after and care for aged and disable people specially women and children. We know in our society specially elderly people and disable children are slowly being pushed into a corner during their twilight years and considered to be a social and financial liability. It is an irony of fate that in spite of our all efforts, we are still unable to do something about them. Disable people mainly women and children are particularly vulnerably as a group due to their potential experience of double discrimination. We organized different awareness programme and camp, which focus on the specific issues around childhood disabilities. We know that 5% of our hapless children are born with a disability or become disable during their childhood. It is our aim is to develop the skill of disable children and women for their abilities. 


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