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Dear Colleagues and Fellow Travelers,

It is pleasure on my part to present the Suchetana’s voice to develop the role of oppressed women in our rural scenario. Suchetana started its journey from 1985 by a band of social women activist dedicated to the cause of the uplift and regeneration of the marginalized social segments like tribal (indigenous people) Dalits, (socially and ritually stigmatized communities) and other disadvantage social strata, irrespective of caste, creed and faith. Suchetana became a forum for a platform for women’s movement, aiming at the tribal and other weaker sections of the women to achieve of rights and access to the privileges legislated under the constitution of the Country. Women’s development does not mean that women should play the men’s role not only, women should play the central role in the family but undoubtedly maintaining their full Independence and equally with men in all spare of life. While the women represent 50% of the World’s adult population and one third of the labour force, women perform two thirds of all the working hours receive only 10% of the World property. This statement is more or less true for Indian women as well. From the inception the object of Suchetana is to start a process of consentisation among the women folk of rural India. The process is extremely complicated.

The cost way to do it in to organize them through different activities from which they will get the opportunity to be self-reliant. Through these different activities they will gain confidence and courage, gradually they may guided to organize a movement, which is Suchetana’s main objective to develop the women’s movement and leadership comes from below. Suchetana wants to create a platform or a forum for oppressed women where they meet together and exchange their experiences and ideas and in the process to develop on understanding of their problems and also point out the ways to tackle these problems and fulfill their needs. Women’s movement in rural area has still remain at a nebulous stage, in the areas inhabited by tribal and backward communities women’s movement has not taken form, but Suchetana wants to be organized in order to protect them from exploitation and subjugation.

I wish all the very best.

Mr. Soumen Basu Mullick
Founder Director


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